Simple Step L.L.C.

Over fifteen (15) years ago, Simple Step L.L.C. introduced a revolutionary new stepper motion controller product line to the motion control industry called Simple Step®.
Simple Step® has quietly been moving into many new and old motion applications. Starting with the simplest one axis system called the SSCB, the Simple Step® product line has grown to larger multi-axis systems.

The name Simple Step® tells it all. Unlike other systems that require you to purchase both controller (translators) and motor drivers (Amps), Simple Step® provides all
necessary electronics on one printed circuit usually smaller than most controller boards. Motion “commands” are delivered to the Simple Step® products using a unique RS-232 compatible serial communications which allow multiple Simple Step® products on one serial channel or the industry standard multi-drop RS422/485.

But don’t let the name Simple Step® fool you! The performance is far from simple. Using proprietary motion algorithms, motor motion is smooth and efficient. All Simple Step® products allow a minimum of both “full” step and “half” step motion. Also included, for more experienced users, are commands to change most motion characteristics allowing “custom” motion profiles. Included on each axis are “home” and “limit” inputs allowing controlled motion with safety limit features. These inputs are all programmable using simple ASCII commands.

The Simple Step® product line ranges from the single-axis SSCB that handle two amp motors to multi-axis systems. The product line also includes stepper motion with Quadrature encoder inputs allowing direct motion monitoring. Included with every product is a CD-ROM containing manuals, AutoCAD layouts and more. Also included on the CD-ROM is SSWin32™, a program that allows motion right out of the box! This software allows both testing and debugging of user programs.