Robotic arms

Over 15 years ago our founder had an idea: a simple motion control system that would allow for easy plug-in-play control and very simple ASCII command structure and that could be controlled by a simple terminal without first requiring extensive operator training. He imagined affordable bi-polar stepper controllers that used simple language, making communications simple.

The design and production of every Simple Step motion controller has been guided by these principles, which has resulted in systems that can be adapted for a variety of uses without a steep learning curve or high price tag.

Simple Step’s strict adherence to user-friendly motion controls offer with proprietary motion algorithms has resulted in something truly unique, something that no other manufacturer can boast. Our boards are the industry’s only true plug-and-play solution to automation controls.

Our innovative motion controllers are made on one printed circuit and can be used by operators without the need for costly and time-consuming training programs, meaning customers can get everything up and running in astonishingly fast order.

Many have taken notice of this remarkable breakthrough in motion controls, and our systems can now be found powering medical devices, research systems, robotics and manufacturing facilities around the world.

Our products are easier, more affordable and every bit as efficient as those of other manufacturers. Simple Step is extremely proud of this accomplishment, and we invite you to test out our boards for yourself so you can see firsthand why they’re the best solution for you.