File Description Size PDF Exe & INF Zipped
Complete Simple Step Product Brochure in Adobe PDF file format. 3.2M
Simple Step Complete manual for all our boards including the General Information Guide in Adobe PDF Format. 6.6M
SSWin32 Program for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 (10 Meg). Includes Manuals for all products including new updates. 18.3M
ARM Configuration Programmer for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7. (Only to be used with -3x controllers) 0.9M
Simple Step ActiveX control for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 COM+ 1.0 DLL with manual and examples. (includes Frameworks) 12.4M
Simple Step ActiveX Manual Version 1.0.2 in PDF Format. 126K
SSWin Users Manual in PDF Format. 126K
National Instruments Simple Step Library. 140K
Simple Step USB Virtual Communications INF files for XP/Vista/Win 7 32 and 64 bit versions (All Products with USB) 500K
SSADC-ADDON Specification Sheet for the product. 260K Program for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 (This DLL is a Win32 app. that was written under Borland C++. This software comes with no manuals currently. The software does have an IDE Project file for those users who are using Borland Version 5.00 or higher. The three (3) main files are SSWinCom32.dll, SSWinCom32.lib, and SSWinCom32.h. The SSWinCom32.h file has annotations to explain the procedures in the DLL file along with there respective parameters.) 222K