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We Make Simple Motion Controllers

Over 25 years ago our founder had an idea: a simple motion control system that would allow for easy plug-and-play control and very simple ASCII command structure and that could be controlled by a simple terminal without first requiring extensive operator training. He imagined affordable bi-polar stepper controllers that used simple language, making communications simple.

Now with our new line of motion controllers that are just starting to ship, we can now move up to 5,999,633 steps per second from Full to 1/256 stepping modes! The new controllers also produce more current (LC – 2.0 amps per phase and MC – 4.0 amps per phase) with a single operating voltage range from 8.0VDC to 50.0VDC.

Backwards-Compatible, Interchangeable Stepper Controllers

Our products aren’t just easy to use, either – they’re interchangeable. For example, if you’re working with a low-current unit and are interested in switching to a medium-current one, then you need only change out one component to make it happen. We allow for networking via myriad formats and strive to make all new motion control designs backwards compatible with older ones, so you’re never left with incompatible hardware when we roll out new features.

How Can Motion Control Systems Be So Simple?

Most of Simple Step’s competitors rely on a centralized intelligence system, but our stepper controllers use distributed intelligence in tandem with high-quality components and boards. All of our motion control systems are compliant with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) standards – the European standards stricter than those in place in the United States – and most are designed to pass CE-compliance for radiated emissions, which is another stricter European standard.

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