Single Axis Motion Controller | Low Current Motor Mounted (SSNEMA17-4x)


NEMA 17 size bipolar stepper motion controller.

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RoHS CompliantYes
Total Motor Axis/Board:1
Motor Driver Type (per axis):Bipolar Stepper Driver
Motor Driver Stepping Range (per axis):Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
Motor Stepping Speeds (per axis):1 sps30,000 sps
Motor Stepping Prescaler (per axis):Yes (1 (default) to 255) (prescaler=255=0.003922 sps)
Motor Idle Power Modes (per axis):OFF to Maximum Setting
Maximum Current Control Setting (per axis):Software Controlled Single 8 bit DAC
Driver Current Decay Control (per axis)Yes
Driver Phase Short Circuit Protection:Yes
Driver Thermal Shutdown Protection:Yes
Driver Junction Temperature (Thermal Shutdown):-+165 degrees C (+329 degrees F)
Motor Current Limits (per axis)
0.100 amps/phase
0.00 amps/phase
1.50 amps/phase
To maximum setting
Operating Voltages:15.0VDC50.0VDC
Ambient Temperature Range
0 degrees C (32 degrees F)
-40 degrees C (-40 degrees F)
+70 degrees C (158 degrees F)
+125 degrees C (257 degrees F)
Maximum Controller Boards on One (1) Serial Line255
Communications:RS422 or RS485
Communication Baudrates:9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 (default), 115200, 230400, 460800
Home Sensor Input (per axis):Infrared (Current Limited to 25ma) Sensor Input
Limit Sensor Input (per axis):Infrared (Current Limited to 25ma) Sensor Input
Dedicated User Input Lines (per axis):2-Input with on board 22K pull-up, 0-5.0VDC, 1-ADC 0-3.3VDC Input
Dedicated User Output Lines (per axis):
Outputs (each):
1 - MOSFET 0.5 amp - 0VDC to Board operating voltage Open Collector with NO diode clamp
PWM Outputs (per axis):1 - Open Collector MOSFET and 2 - TTL 0 to 3.3VDC PWM’s
ADC Inputs (per axis):1 - (ANLGIN) 0 to 3.3VDC, 12-bit ADC
Quadrature Encoder Interface (per axis):Yes (Single ended only)
Quadrature Encoder Maximum Frequency (per axis):1.5MHz
Quadrature Encoder Modes (per axis):x1, x2 and x4
Quadrature Encoder scaling (per axis):Double Precision Floating Point
PCB Flammability Rating:UL 94V-0

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