Medium Current

New controller capabilities


We are just starting to add new capabilities into the newer controllers that we never had before.

  • The first is the ability to take 2 MOSFET open collector outputs and turn them into PWM’s. The user can also take 5 TTL inputs and convert them into PWM’s outputs as well. We will have 3 channels worth of rate settings that will allow the user to set rates from 300Hz to 16,000Hz.
  • The second is taking the SPARE 1 input and attaching a new external board called the SSADC-1x-4x interface board and creating a 12 bit ADC input with switch selectable filtering and the ability to measure 0 to 3.3VDC or 0 to 5.5VDC signals.

These capabilities are available per axis for all our controllers except for the soon to be released SSBLDC-4x controller which has the ADC input speed control already built in.