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Simple Motion Control Program

New Simple Motion Control Program

We have just released a new controller program to allow users to program their controller with little work. This new program will work with very old to the latest controllers. This new software will automatically search all the serial communication ports on your system and connect to the controller. The software is made up of stages that allow the user to set up the controller so that the finial control of moving the motors is available.

Medium Current

New controller capabilities


We are just starting to add new capabilities into the newer controllers that we never had before.

  • The first is the ability to take 2 MOSFET open collector outputs and turn them into PWM’s. The user can also take 5 TTL inputs and convert them into PWM’s outputs as well. We will have 3 channels worth of rate settings that will allow the user to set rates from 300Hz to 16,000Hz.
  • The second is taking the SPARE 1 input and attaching a new external board called the SSADC-1x-4x interface board and creating a 12 bit ADC input with switch selectable filtering and the ability to measure 0 to 3.3VDC or 0 to 5.5VDC signals.

These capabilities are available per axis for all our controllers except for the soon to be released SSBLDC-4x controller which has the ADC input speed control already built in.